SARP: great 2015, top 2016

22 März 2016 |

SARP: great 2015, top 2016

Treviso, Italy – March, 21st 2016

On its thirtieth anniversary, Sarp presented a great 2015 for revenues, innovation activities and the final results and a 2016 with excellent previsions.

Last  year was a very good year, went beyond the estimates. 2015 ends for Sarp, actually manufacturer international leader of industrial machinery for pasta and spirals for the thermal treatment of food products, with growth of + 30% compared to 2014, thus consolidating the previous year’s growth trend at 28.5% compared to 2013. Also excellent prospects for this year 2016: the orders already in portfolio indicate a constant growth.

We are very pleased to have consolidated and improved the growth already had in 2014. This means that we have reached  the goals, not only in terms of profitability and revenue performances, but also for innovation and reorganization activities that we have introduced in the company,   showing that after 30 years of experience, we are still able to give new motivations to our activities. The 2013, a hard and challenging year, was in fact an opportunity to review some of our choices and define a new starting point. And the results obtained in the following  years show that we are doing a good job. “Giovanni Salvalaggio, president and founder, uses these words to present Sarp in 2016.

The new company’s strategic review went with the strengthening of the organizational model based on the principles of professional competence, commitment, excellence and responsibility. Sarp team focused in finding solutions that would ensure the maximum performance of each machine with the lowest consumption possible, arranging  technological capacity and mechanical life, minimizing need for maintenance.

“Our company is not focused on numbers and quantities, but on the individual projects,” explains Alessandra Salvalaggio, Marketing and Communication Manager, “every product, for us, represents a different customer. And each customer has the assurance that its system is unique and, above all, that is exactly the one studied in the project phase, without discrepancy and with the assurance of a present and responsive partner, able to prevent and intervene.

Our best proof? Loyalty, so difficult  in the industrial sector of durable goods. ”


The increased profitability compared to 2014, denotes the constant work of improvement of the structure and  underlines the level of partnership that is created between Sarp and the company customer. In particular, the growth of turnover in 2015, covered the European countries, especially the Italian market which recorded an increase of 30% compared to the previous year and with the acquisition of market share lost in previous years. Growth performances was also excellent in countries as France and Germany.

Emerging markets represent a significant growth area and the development of projects in Turkey and India contribute to the implementation of turnover.


Also excellent prospects for this year 2016, in fact the trend of orders in February portfolio already covers the initial half of this year, with a good view of annual growth on the fiscal year. Some already acquired projects also allow the projection of wide-ranging sales involving the next 3 years.

The objectives of this year are dedicated to the enhancement of the core business, that is the two production divisions: pasta and thermal  treatment, and the exploration of new markets with good prospects of new brands and new realities, following a sustainable growth perspective .



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